Gun Amnesty: Locations

As the federal government gets ready for its national guns amnesty ... there'll be at least six drop-off points across Sunraysia.

Canberra's cracking down on illegal and dangerous weapons ... urging people to hand in unlicensed and other firearms.

ShotgunColt Hammerless

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There'll be drop off points in areas including Red Cliffs ... Euston ... Balranald ... Dareton ... Wentworth and Buronga.



MK1 Developments
3 Barndeet Avenue RED CLIFFS, VIC, 3496
Phone: 03 5024 2511

Swan Hill Fishing & Shooting Supplies
41 Campbell Street SWAN HIL,L VIC, 3585
Phone: 03 5032 4378

Hunter Marine & Engineering
21 - 25 Nyah Road SWAN HILL, VIC, 3585
Phone: 03 5032 2320

Buloke Firearms
92 Woods Street DONALD, VIC, 3480
Phone: 03 5497 2281

New South Wales

Dareton Police Station
52 Sturt Place DARETON, NSW 2717
Phone Number: 03 5027 7599

Wentworth Police Station
74 Darling Street WENTWORTH, NSW 2648
Phone Number: 03 5027 3102

Buronga Police Station
2 - 4 Chapman Street BURONGA, NSW 2739
Phone Number: 03 5023 2262

Euston Police Station
43 Murray Terrace EUSTON, NSW 2737
Phone Number: 03 5026 3101

Balranald Police Station
4 Market Street BALRANALD, NSW 2715
Phone Number: 03 5020 1404

Menindee Police Station
Yartla Street MENINDEE, NSW 2879
Phone Number: 08 8091 4466

Broken Hill Police Station
252 Argent Street BROKEN HILL, NSW 2880
Phone Number: 08 8087 0299

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