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Film Anniversary

June 12, on this date: Cleopatra ...  starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison ... premiered in US (1963). Cleopatra achieved notoriety during its production for its massive cost overruns and production troubles, which included changes in director and cast, a change of filming locale, sets that had to...

Plane: No Pilot

Would you jump on a plane WITHOUT a pilot? Automated flight has been possible for a few years.Now Boeing is testing if passenger flights can be automated... Would you go on a plane WITHOUT a human pilot ... if it were less expensive?  

Woman Swallows $7000 Cash

A woman swallowed $7,000 US dollars in a desperate attempt to hide the cash from her husband ... after an argument about finances. The Colombian woman says she had saved up the money for a holiday with her husband after having sold several electrical household items. The surgeon who removed the cash...

Bear Grylls Birthday

‘Bear Grylls' (Edward Grylls) is having his birthday today! He was born in the UK on June 7 1974 (43).The English adventurer, writer and television presenter. He is best known for his television series Man vs. Wild. He now stars in The Island with Bear Grylls.    

World's Most Expensive Burger

It’s officially the world’s most expensive burger! The sumptuous sandwich consists of a Japanese dry-aged Wagyu and Black Angus beef patty, Oosterschelde lobster infused with Hermit - Dutch Coastal Gin, foie gras, white truffle, Remeker cheese, Japanese fruit tomatoes and caviar. French lettuce, Iberian ham, and a specially-concocted sauce made with 35...