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Saint Teresa an Inspiration

A reason to celebrate for many overnight ... with Mother Teresa officially canonised ... or declared a Saint.

New $5 Released

It’s released today! The new-look $5 note ... it’s the first in the world to have a clear strip from top-to-bottom ... plus it also has a tactile feature ... allowing vision-impaired people to pick its value. It’s looks much ‘busier’ ... with flowers and birds all over it. The Reserve Bank...

Proof of Life: 'Alien' Noises?

Scientists are scrambling to point their equipment at star 95 light years from earth ... after weird signals were detected ... more than a year ago.

Diana's Death: Remember When?

August 31, 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car accident, aged 36, along with her male companion Dodi Fayed, Egyptian-born multi-millionaire, in Paris.

Battler Wins $1 Million

Do you find yourself watching TV quiz shows and answering all of the questions correctly...