2020 Retro Countdown

20 20 Countdowns Week Commencing May 08

This Week on the 20 20 - we take a trip around the world...drop in on the 80's a couple of times.. and celebrate Mother's Day... 


20 20 World

Join us for a musical journey around the world... with a trip to Miami with John Cougar Mellencamp.. we'll visit Rome with James Reyne.. The Beach Boys take us to Kokomo and we'll learn a little about some of those top destinations along the way... which American city was the first to be heritage listed? Find out as we go around the world on the 20 20 Retro Countdown!




We visit the week when treasuerer Paul Keating introduced us to the new $1 Coin. Maybe you still have an old $1 note around. It had been a long time coming - they first discussed scrapping the $1 note in the early 70's. On the charts - Kenny Loggins was at number 1 with a track from one of the biggest movies of the year. All that and more as we turn the clock back to early May 1984.



 20 20 Bruce Willis 1987

Hard to believe he was the star of one of the biggest TV shows of the 80's. His film career and the action movies Die Hard has left "Moonlighting" as a distant memory.. but Bruce Willis won grammy's during the show's run and we'll remember those final episodes of "Moonlighting" when we visit mid May 1989. Musically, controversy was hindering the success of Madonn's latest hit! More on that and the top 20 from this week in 1989!




We're turning the 20 20 Retro Countdown clock back to the week when we lost one of Australia's favourite Prime Ministers. Sir Robert Menzies died aged 83 on May 15 1978. We'll drag out some classic moments from Australia's longest serving Prime Minister. Then there's the top 20 from this week - no suprise it's packed with disco classics from the Bee Gees, John Paul Young, The Tramps and Earth Wind And Fire.



20 20 Mothers Day

Time to send out some special wishes to mums - and this year - there's something different on the 20 20 Retro Countdown. We've compiled the Mother's Day Hamper of Hits... 20 songs about things we'd love mums to have for mothers day... from Gold, Diamond's and Pearls, Holidays... and a whole lot Hugs, Kisses and Love! And Aaron is hoping to have a special guest with him as we count through those 20 hits dedicated to mums.


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