2020 Retro Countdown

Debating The Signature Hits



Hi it's Aaron! In our next countdown - it's the "Signature Hits" - song that artists and bands are most recognised for.

Here's our top 20, decided by a group of music exports - but not all of these were unanimous - and they're open for debate.

Feel free to have your say on which song you would've chose as the signature hit!


20. "Down Under" Men At Work.

19. "YMCA" The Village People


18. "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" U2


17. "It's Not Unusual" Tom Jones


16. "Rock And Roll All Night" Kiss


15. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" Rod Stewart


14. "If I Could Turn Back Time" Cher


13. "Band On The Run" Wings


12. "Hungry Like The Wolf" Duran Duran


11. "Hotel California" The Eagles 



10. "It's A Long Way To The Top" AC/DC


09. "Money For Nothing" Dire Straits


08. "Imagine" John Lennon


07. "Born In The USA" Bruce Springsteen


06. "Don't Stop" Fleetwood Mac


05. "Livin' On A Prayer" Bon Jovi


04. "Piano Man" Billy Joel


03. "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction" The Rolling Stones


02. "Dancing Queen" ABBA


01. "Billie Jean" Michael Jackson


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