The NightShift

Have You Found A Hidden Treasure?

I was having a look through some old boxes over the weekend and found items that I completely forgot I had. These were old school photos, CD's, cassette tapes, certificates even some hidden treasures. Have you ever looked for something and found something that you completely forgot you had?

Have You Ever Won Tattslotto?

Have you ever won tattslotto? I see last week three people shared in $50 million and congratulations to them. I think I have won last division a couple of times, certainly not enough to get into my retirement fund, but a little win. I asked around my family and I got the hard...

What's Your Favourite Song?

Yesterday I was talking about artists you would have loved to or would love to see live. Michael Jackson, Elton John and John Farnham were the top 3 from you. So I would like to know what is your favourite song? This is the song you will sing in the car or...