The NightShift

Who Was Your Favourite Superhero?

What makes a superhero? Is Batman a superhero? Is Superman a superhero? Well the answer is yes they are. I never really had a superhero, was never really into that kind of thing, however if anything I like teenage mutant ninja turtles. What was your favourite superhero growing up?

What Subject Did You Hate At School?

Yesterday I was doing some home work with my son. It involved reading, spelling and writing. I struck up a conversation with him and it went a little like this. Me - Are you enjoying school?My son - SometimesMe - Why only sometimes?My son - I don't really like the learning bit,...

Impulse Buying - What Have You Bought?

About a month ago my wife went out shopping, sends me a message saying just going down the shops. That sounds fine and dandy, said sure can you pick me up a few items, she is like "yea no problems". So here I am thinking she has gone down the supermarket. How wrong...