The NightShift

Tipping At Restaurants

On Friday night I was invited out for tea at one of our beautiful restaurants. The meal was amazing, drinks reasonably priced and then came the bill. I thought OK, I don't mind paying for what was mine obviously, but do we tip the staff? For this I said to myself...

Monopoly Australia - What About Sunraysia?

I love a good board game, I think in this world of technology there is nothing better than turning off electronic devices and play a board game. That is till the end when someone cracks it because they have lost the game... We have all been there. Monopoly and Hasbro Gaming have...

Who Was Your Favourite Superhero?

What makes a superhero? Is Batman a superhero? Is Superman a superhero? Well the answer is yes they are. I never really had a superhero, was never really into that kind of thing, however if anything I like teenage mutant ninja turtles. What was your favourite superhero growing up?