C.H.A.I.L.I.S. children’s book fundraiser

Wed 3 Nov 2021 to Fri 24 Dec 2021

If anyone is looking for Christmas presents or items to go in the stocking C.H.A.I.L.I.S. may have the answer for you.

Local children's author Phil Kettle has a range of books $10 each, with profits from the sale going to C.H.A.I.L.I.S.

The books are suitable for children 7 to 10 years.


1. Thirteen Dolphins

2. Lost Dogs

3. Netball Challenge

4 Pirates

5 The Interview

6 The Race

7 Tennis Champ

8 KartMaster

9 Alien Invasion

10 The Snowball Race

11 Fishing Fanatic


Image: John Burfitt