Clubs welcome points backdown

Clubs welcome points backdown

USUALLY the fiercest of rivals, GFL powerhouses St Mary’s and St Joseph’s agree on one thing – common sense has prevailed after both won their appeals against plans to reduce their player points cap for 2020.

Both the Saints and Joeys, as well as Barwon Heads were handed 38 points as their limit for next year on September 23.

However, all three challenged AFL Barwon’s decision, with confirmation today their appeals were successful.

“Whilst there’s definitely a need to support the clubs who need that support or who have been underperforming for a number of years – and we’ve always supported the provision of additional points to those clubs – we thought it was not appropriate to take points off those clubs that have been performing reasonably well over the last few years,” Joeys president Todd Devine said.

“All that could possibly do is reduce the standard of the competition, which I don’t think anybody wants.”

St Mary’s football boss Scott Hosking says his club supports the points system and salary cap but believes no club should have to play with less than 40 points.

“We’re very happy with the outcome, and we appreciate the fact they reconsidered,” he said.

Barwon Heads’ head of football Brendan Curry says the Seagulls, which won their first premiership since 1993 last month, were “disappointed” with the original decision.

“We certainly made our thoughts known in that regard,” he said.

“Barwon Heads has always thought the salary cap and the points system is a great thing, especially for smaller clubs like us.

“We don’t think any club – whether its the BFL or the GFL – should play under 40 points.”

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