Second day of no new COVID-19 in NSW

For the second consecutive day NSW has recorded not a single new case of COVID-19, prompting Premier Gladys Berejiklian to consider relaxing border restrictions with Victoria and flag the prospect of welcoming Kiwis by Christmas.

While NSW had no new coronavirus cases either locally acquired or in hotel quarantine in the 24-hour reporting period until 8pm on Sunday, there were just 6353 tests done - half the number of 12,333 done on the previous day.

Ms Berejiklian says the numbers are promising but she's anxious as the school holidays begin on Friday with movement around the state set to escalate.

"I do feel there is too much complacency out there at the moment," she told reporters on Monday.

"Just because there is zero cases, (it) doesn't mean the virus isn't working, or that it can't come back to NSW, and certainly that is the fear."

As restrictions ease and the number of cases recorded in Victoria fell to five, Ms Berejiklian confirmed her government is discussing whether it can relax border restrictions.

"I don't want to leave borders closed a day longer than we need to, but we also don't want to throw away all the hard work we've done here in NSW," she said.

The premier also hinted NSW may be welcoming its trans-Tasman neighbours by Christmas.

"We're getting health advice on that and I'm happy to consider that. I'd love to have those arrangements made reciprocal," she said.

"I would feel more comfortable if we didn't have any borders within Australia before we did that, but we will just play that by ear."

NSW Health is treating 63 COVID-19 cases, including three patients in intensive care, none of whom are being ventilated. Eighty-seven per cent of cases being treated by NSW Health are in non-acute, out-of-hospital care.

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