Changes to COVID-19 restrictions for Victoria

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From 11:59pm tonight: 

The number of visitors to your home will increase from two to 15 per day.
Outdoor gatherings in a public place will increase to 50.
Weddings, funerals and religious ceremonies indoors will increase to 150 people. 
QR code record keeping will be mandatory
For smaller venues, the density limit will change to one person for every two square metres – up to 50 customers.
For bigger venues, the density limit will stay the same, but the cap will increase to 150, venue capacity will also rise to 300.
Cinemas, galleries and museums will also be able to host up to 150 people indoors.
Masks will be required inside, not required outside, but you'll need to carry one with you and it must be worn if you're not able to social distance.
From 13th December:
30 people only able to be in your house (in time for Christmas)

Image: Juraj Varga on Pixabay