Highest Paying Trades

Today I was very surprised to Find a Tradies Rich list with the top 10 highest paid Australian Jobs. New Data Released today lists the average hourly rate and the top 10 tradies and the big dollars they are being paid. Here's the list and their average hourly rate. 1. Removalist $93.242. Plumber...

Brooke Longfield - AHFG Sit Less, Live Longer

Brooke chats with Wendy Maree every Tuesday at 8.40am, today how to get your 10,000 steps per day to keep fit and healthy. Win a copy of the New "August" Issue by putting the codewords in comments on our Facebook Page.

More Furry Friends To Appreciate

This morning in celebration of Guinea Pig Appreciation Day Wendy Maree chatted with Chris, Anthony and Jason, who met and held Chris's Guinea Pigs, Winnie and Lola. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about guinea pigs. - Despite their names they are not pigs and do not come...

Recalled Frozen Vegetables

This morning Wendy Maree reminded you about some National News today that there is quite a list of frozen vegetables being recalled from supermarkets which could cause Listeria.  Ensure to consult your local GP. Here is the link to go to for the full list of supermarkets and brands of frozen...

Brooke Longfield - AHFG Sleep and Weight

Brooke chats to Wendy Maree about the importance of Sleep and foods we eat that affect sleep.Brooke joins Wendy Maree every Tuesday at 8.40am.