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Christmas - Every Day!

As you rush around getting ready for Christmas Day ... you’re probably thinking “I’m glad this is only once a year”...

But what if it were Christmas every day!?

Christmas decorations

One UK man’s done just that... for the past 22 years ... and now’s he’s trying to quit.

The 52 year old musician and electrician has stuffed himself with 25 fruit mince pies and a full turkey EVERY DAY since 1993....

He watches the Queen’s speeches every day at 3pm, then pens presents he’s sent himself ... after pulling Christmas crackers!

But his festive fervour has left him in poor health and around $3.2 million out of pocket!

And he’s had trouble keeping a girlfriend ... once they see his house... which is permanently stuck on Christmas Day.

"My daughter says it’s ruining my life and I’ll end up penniless, obese and alone.”

He will give up his lifestyle on Boxing Day and hopes to find romance.

He says  “I haven’t had a girlfriend since this all started. I did go on a date a few years ago.

"I’m self-employed, but I’ll admit I’ve turned down jobs because I have to watch the Queen’s speech the same time every day.

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