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'Pillowgate': Hospital Responds

Mildura Base Hospital has responded to our question about a pillow shortage:

Due to unprecedented high patient demand in the ED, there was a delay in the redistribution of pillows from storage. This has now been rectified.
The hospital received a generous donation yesterday from Mr David Screaton of 20 pillows and pillow protectors for the Emergency Department.
Dedicated members of our community continue to support the hospital in many ways through donations and volunteering, which is always greatly appreciated by staff and management.
The hospital would like to thank Mr Screaton and his family for their generosity.

Janet Hicks
Director of Nursing

Earlier Story:

We’ve had more reports of a ‘pillow shortage’ at Mildura Base Hospital this week... here’s Dave ... who called us yesterday...

Dave was true to his word ... and yesterday donated pillows to the hospital. Big W Mildura also kindly donated pillows.

We understand staff at the hospital were glad to receive the donations.

So why is there a shortage?

We’ve contacted the Hospital ... but so far we’ve not had a reply.

Ramsay Health ... a private business ... has a contract to run Mildura’s public hospital. Is it a case of business minimising costs ... or is this an issue in other public hospitals too (Ones that are run by the public ... for the public...)

Below: Big W makes a donation of pillow covers

IMG 3554bigw


Above: Dave delivers pillows to staff at Mildura Base Hospital

It's a sad situation ... we'd cry on our pillows ... but we had to give them to the hospital!

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