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Ted Guinea

guineaIt's the brighter way to start the day! 5-9am Wake up with Ted weekday mornings across Sunraysia.

Ted comes from a farming background in Northern NSW and just happened to spend many harvest seasons picking grapes in Sunraysia!

In fact, he loved the grapes so much he came back to stay! Nowadays instead of getting up in the dark to pick fruit, he's up to share your weekday mornings.

If you need to know it, Ted will bring it to you - the big issues affecting Sunraysia and Australia, community events and of course plenty of fun, chances to win and the great RIVER1467 music variety!

Join Ted weekdays from 5am-9am and Saturdays from midday to 6pm (outside AFL season).

What's on?

  • National News each half-hour
  • Local News each half hour from 6am
  • Interstate weather at 6.20am
  • Victorian Rural News at 6.30am
  • Lost & Found at 6.50am and 8:50am
  • Early Bird Challenge 6:45am
  • Little Lies 7:15am
  • Celebration Book/On this Day 7:45am
  • Secret Sound 8:15am Finance at 8.45am

Plenty of great music!

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