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Mobility Scooters: Speed Cut

Have you ever been nearly run-down by someone on a ‘gopher’ . Some people are a bit heavy with their feet … leading to new plans to reduce their speed limit further. Currently gophers are restricted to 10km/h … but Member for Murray-Darling John Williams wants that cut to 6km/h. Maybe they could...

Chip Recall

A popular brand of potato chips has recalled two of its flavours because the bags could contain bits of rubber. Food Standards Australia has issued a recall of Kettle Chips' "Sea Salt" and Rosemary and "Sea Salt" flavours with a best before date of November 11, 2017. The national food watchdog said...

Pie or Hot Dog: Which is Better?

On this date - 1884: The Hot Dog was invented in Missouri in the USA. Which is better ... a Hot Dog ... or Meat Pie?

Tiger Extinction

On this date - 1936: Last Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine) died in the Hobart Zoo. There have been numerous reported sightings since ... is it possible some have survived?

Irma Watch

Hurricane Irma is tearing through the Caribbean with record-setting force … it’s battered several islands and could hit the US by the weekend. It would be the second deadly storm to hit the US in recent weeks. Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm ever recorded in its location. It’s roughly the...