The Home Run

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Join Damion Bradshaw weekdays from 2 - 6 pm... taking you through your afternoon across Sunraysia!

  • From 2:00 - The Weekly Fry Up
  • 3:05pm - 3 @ 3 (Guess the theme to win)
  • 4:05pm - Arvo Challenge (Guess the question to win)
  • 5:15pm - Secret Sound

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Get to know Damion!

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Most embarrassing moment on-air:

Would have to be when I completely forgot what day it was at the start of the Home Run, and said it's a day that definitely ends in Y.

What got you interested in radio:

Started several years ago when approached to produce a Motorsport programme, for Sunraysia radio.

Four people you would dinner with (living or dead):

My Wife, Muhammad Ali, Mick Doohan, Aryton Senna.

Your idea of a good time:

Simply spending time with family and friends.

Favourite sport, television, movie:

Speedway sidecars and everything else.

Television - Tough question enjoy a wide variety of shows.

Movie - The Shawshank Redemption.

One place you would like to visit:

West Indies - Jamaica