The NightShift

Do You Carry Cash Around?

Recently a person had a sign in Melbourne saying "Homeless and need money". So I felt really bad as I don't carry a lot of cash with me, sometimes I might have a little bit in case places don't accept eftpos but that might only be a couple of dollars. Just so...

What's In A Name?

A friend of mine has just got a new dog (puppy). They have deceided to call it Gunner.  I think the name is pretty cool, it's different and they were going to call the puppy d-fer (d-fer dog). What's your pets name?

Mobile Phones For Children

Over the weekend I was asked by my son if he was able to get a mobile phone. I asked why and he said that all the other kids have one for emergencies and to ring their mum and dad. My son is seven and I don't think it's a bad idea,...