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Wrestlemania Day - It Was Like Christmas Day

I am a 39 year old guy who loves WWE and Monday our time was Wrestlemania day.

Citrus Bowl Orlando City


I remember sitting on my late grandfather's knee as a 6 year old watching a guy wear yellow (known to be Hulk Hogan) and then as I got older knowing the likes of The Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and a guy called The Undertaker. I had no idea how they came up with these names but when you are young you don't care.

I used to watch it the next morning before school after it was taped the night before.

I was amazed how these grown men would punch each other and not get hurt. As I grew older I started to know the secrets.

I remember going to my local video store and renting the latest VHS video of Wrestlemania 6 it was Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior and from then my love for "sports entertainment" grew and grew.

I was lucky enough to attend Wrestlemania 20 at Madison Square Garden and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Every year I attend the shows when they are in Melbourne and one day hope to go back to Wrestlemania.

I saw guys like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, HHH, John Cena, Booker T and even Sting and I was so thrilled.

A lot of people knock WWE for it's ïssues" but they are a business and a very successful one.

One of their biggest stars John Cena is the most wanted celebrity for Make A Wish Foundation, they do so much for sick kids and adults.

WWE has been kind to Australia as well with Emma, Buddy Murphy, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce currently on the roster.

What is something that you have loved as a kid and still do to this day?


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