International hamburger day

Today is international hamburger day. So many people love a burger but what are the essential ingredients, tomato or bbq sauce, lettuce, egg, pineapple or bacon. What is a MUST when it comes to ingredients on a burger?

Concert You Would Have Loved To See?

There are so many great musical acts that have passed away... I am sure a lot of us would have loved to see Elvis Presley live or David Bowie. I would have loved to see The Bee Gees live.. What concert would you have loved to see? Photo:  

Prime Minister For The Day

With the election only days away, a lot of us have said "Well if I was Prime Minister for the day, I'd change this".. So for one day, you are the Prime Minister but you can only change one thing what would it be and why? It might be "only tomato sauce...

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