The NightShift

Have You Ever Lost Something?

Have you ever panicked thinking that you have lost something? This happened to me over the weekend when I took some money out of the ATM. After I wanted to go out later in the day I thought I lost my wallet when I went looking for it through the day. I...

Getting Your Licence

The trusty drivers licence, it seems pretty important to get from A to B, unless of course you can't drive for various reasons. A family member of mine is about to go for her P plates next week and she is nervous about failing. How did you go with getting your licence? PS...

Unofficial National Anthem - What's Yours?

Driving into work today I was thinking about Australia's unofficial national anthem, songs that you sing along to that mean a lot about Australia. Songs likeMen At Work - Down UnderIcehouse - Great Southern LandBanjo Patterson - Waltzing Matilda What do you think is Australia's unofficial National anthem?